Bathrooms Etc is now an approved retailer for the Italian brand Bossini

01 September 2014

Bossini Shower SystemsWe are delighted to announce that Bathrooms Etc is now an approved supplier for the Italian brand Bossini.

Bossini was established in Italy in 1960 and has continued to expand and evolve through to the current decade. Bossini has been dynamically involved in launching new products with high technological content and strong aesthetic value. The Bossini brand stands for quality in Italy, Europe and throughout the world.

The Bossini range includes:

High quality shower shower systems from Bossini

Dream Rain Shower Collection - these ultra flat shower heads and panels deliver a wide drenching spray. There is also an option to incorporate Cromotherapy – a lighting system within the shower head that delivers a spectrum of colour hues. A water-proof, low voltage control panel can be positioned either inside or outside the shower. 

Cascade - these spouts create a stimulating waterfall effect and can be used indoors or outdoors as part of a shower panel or bath. Some ranges have vertical directional adjustment.

York Panels - this unique design is a shower head with dual directional panels. These elegant, refined designs can incorporate chromotherapy, aromatherapy and music to stimulate or relax all your senses. 

The Lumière - with this collection of shower heads you can create a truly individual and striking effect in your bathroom. With a wide drenching spray and a light which shines through the semi-transparent cover giving an ambient glow.

Liberty Concept - this design is Bossini’s retro range and looks amazing in Brushed Nickel.

Body Jets - Bossini's range of body jets have 180 degree directional adjustment with a choice of jet rain, jet mist or massage sprays.

Douche kits - Bossini’s douche kits are available with an auto shut-off device that operates when the handset is seated in the supply elbow.

AguaFitair - these handshowers can reduce water consumption by up to 50%. The water is mixed with air and when released can become a soft drenching spray or a vigorous jet. The AguaLife version is for residential use and can be adjusted by using a lever on the handle. The AguaProject version is for commercial use in hotels or public places – a special key is provided which allows exclusive control by the maintenance manager. This means that certain criteria to protect the environment can be met by using these water-saving devices.  

Many of the shower heads have silicone nozzles incorporated into the design. Silicone is extremely elastic and resistant to heat which enables expansion thus preventing limescale build up.

The choice of finishes for Bossini products are as follows: Chrome, Light Gold, Polished Nickel, Dark Gold, Brushed Copper, Brushed Bronze and Brushed Nickel. Alternative finishes are available on request.

Call now on 020 8846 9846 to speak to us about the Bossini range, which can be sourced and delivered quickly.

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