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Bathroom Furniture – The Secret to a Happy Home

19 September 2011

You may spend hours searching for the perfect sofa, wardrobe or coffee table, but did you know bathroom furniture could be the secret to a happy home?

Bathrooms can become battlegrounds in the home. In fact, research has shown that bathrooms can be where the hardest battles are fought in the family home. Bathrooms are often shared and they are often in demand when time is of the essence. Ensuring your bathrooms work efficiently then is crucial if you want to avoid regular family meltdowns. Getting the right bathroom furniture could help you get a grip on potential bathroom angst!

Bathroom Furniture - Everything in its Place
One way to ensure nobody loiters for too long in the bathroom when it is most in demand (the worse time being that small window between waking up and school/ work starting) is to make sure you have dedicated bathroom furniture. If you have one shelf or cupboard dedicated to each family member, they won't spend ages rummaging through looking for their specific mascara/ deodorant/ aftershave etc. Good bathroom furniture will ensure your bathroom remains clutter free and easy to use. You just need to make sure everyone in your family keeps their specific shelves and cupboards in order!
As well as dividing up your bathroom in an easy way with sturdy, reliable bathroom furniture - good bathroom furniture allows you to keep your personal toiletries away from prying hands. If you have young children, it's crucial to have bathroom furniture, such as a medicine cabinets, so that you can keep prescriptions, expensive cosmetics and other private things safe - and if necessary, under lock and key.

Bathroom Furniture for Frantic Families
A report in The Times newspaper revealed that spotless bathrooms are something of a fantasy for frantic families. Bathrooms are the most utilised room in the house, so you need to invest in high quality bathroom furniture and fittings. By having a beautiful bathroom decked out with bespoke bathroom furniture, your family may take more pride in its appearance. But there are some bathroom indiscretions that are bound to get the blood pressure boiling: leaving soggy towels on the floor, not putting the lid on the toothpaste, leaving pools of water on the floor after a shower, leaving hair in the plug hole, or not replacing the toilet roll.

Soothing Bathroom Battles
To find a peaceful solution to bathroom battles, make sure the cleaning of the bathroom and bathroom furniture is everyone's responsibility. Lay down some common ground rules - if you've invested in luxury bathroom furniture like heated towel rails, make it a rule that nobody leaves towels (or clothes) on the floor. With the right bathroom etiquette combined with bespoke bathroom furniture, you can ensure your bathroom does provide you with the chance to unwind and relax in spa-like conditions as well as deal with the inevitable rush-hour morning madness!

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