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Bathroom Furniture – Express Your Style

09 March 2011

Our homes can be beautiful expressions of our sense of style. Don't let your bathroom let you down - choose your bathroom furniture with care.

Bathrooms are practical places. As such, it can be easy to lavish attention and detail to the rest of your home, only to be let down by your bathroom. But with a little thought and investment you can transform your bathroom using bathroom furniture. Yes, bathroom furniture has to be functional - but with the wide choice of bathroom furniture designs available, you won't have to compromise on style. One of the things many people lack in their bathrooms is space. Big bathrooms denote wealth and indulgence - so if you have a large bathroom, make the most of it. Even using big statement pieces such as sofas (admittedly not your usual conventional bathroom furniture) can look great. But only if your room is big enough to take it. Even if you are short of space, there are some clever designs in bathroom furniture available that will help you maximise your sense of space.

White Bathroom Furniture for Simple Style

Bathroom furniture should be an expression of your personal style, just like the rest of your home. But white bathroom furniture is particularly popular, tapping into minimalist impulses. And when you're short of space, white bathroom furniture can create clean lines, reflect the light and create a bright, airy room. If you have a tiny bathroom, avoid bathroom furniture in dark wood or heavy colours that will absorb the light and make the room feel even smaller. Whiteness is also a colour that induces a sense of peace (think of John Lennon's White Room), making it a good colour for bathroom furniture if you want your bathroom to be a calm, energising sanctuary.

Bathroom Furniture for Space Solutions

Clutter is also a no-no for the stylish bathroom. And another way of maximising your space is to eliminate clutter - well-designed bathroom furniture, such as cabinets built under sinks offer a space solution. Bathrooms tend to get littered with bottles, creams and potions - which can be unsightly and even dangerous if you have children. Bathroom furniture can serve a multitude of functions, adding style, providing storage for towels or nappies. Bathroom furniture with in-built mirrors can also be a space-saving solution. Consider installing shelves or cabinets in corners or above toilets to make the most of your space.

Bathrooms to Suit You

Of course, the style and type of bathroom furniture you decide should be a reflection of your needs and personality. If you love to wallow and relax in the bath, style and aesthetics will be important. If  you simply use your room as a practical shower room, functionality comes first. Whether you want to create the ambiance of a spa or want a minimalist practical approach, there's a vast range of bathroom furniture to suit your style and needs.

Find Bathroom Furniture at Bathrooms Etc…

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